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Comparison Matrix

Freelance translators managed internally Jobs outsourced to local translation agencies Your outstations as translators Avilinga
24/7/365 Support - - -
Automatically monitor website for changes - - -
Automatically extract pages from CMS when changes made - - -
Access to preferred pool of outstation approved translators - maybe
Ability to handle all required languages - maybe
Guaranteed 24 hour turnaround maybe maybe maybe
Ability to translate multiple file types, including technical files, i.e. .xml, .html, .aspx, .resx, .doc, .rtf, .txt, .xls, .ppt, .csv - maybe -
Full-time Project Manager - -
Centralized job history and wordcount reporting - - -
Integrated CAT tool with centralized online TM - - -
Live Project Status Reporting - maybe -
Multiple stage translation process and quality control maybe maybe
Automated Project Management workflow - maybe -