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Corporate Communications

Content areas include:
  • Press Releases
  • Technical and Operational Documentation
  • Intranet
  • Outstation communication
  • Annual Reports
Current implementations include:
  • Gulf Air (21 languages: Amharic, Arabic, Bengali, English, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Kurdish, Malayalam, Malaysian, Nepalese, Russian, Sinhala, Spanish, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish, Urdu)
  • Oman Air (1 language: Arabic)

Whether addressing staff, operations teams, suppliers, investors or the press, the accuracy of your message is paramount to the smooth operation of your organization. Avilinga is your partner at all stages of the process of maintaining communications with an increasingly globalized world.

From legal to technical documentation, from operations manuals to outstation communiques, Avilinga combines years of aviation experience with our cutting edge technology, to make sure the job gets done accurately, on time, every time.

To address the general public, we specialize in the writing and translation of press releases and annual reports, keeping the world aware of your developments as you want them to be. Internally, we provide accurate, rapid turnaround translation services including technical and operational documentation, training, legal, intranet and outstation communications.

Imagine a situation where you need a manual, written in French, to be made available to Russian speaking staff in an office in Moscow on short notice. We can deliver the product, simply and efficiently, from beginning to end, so that your lines of communication are never disrupted.