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Avilinga is the worldwide leader in translation services for the Aviation industry. From full service website localization to creative marketing solutions and corporate communications, Avilinga presents a one-stop solution to meet the full requirements of your organization.

Online Media

Translation and Localization of Web Content, Online Booking Platforms, Email Marketing, Mobile Apps, Automated Check-in Applications, IFE Systems, etc.

Traditional Media

Translation and Localization of In-flight Magazines, Advertorials, Radio & TV Spots (including voiceovers), Billboard campaigns, In-flight menus, etc.

Corporate Communications

Translation and Localization of Press Releases, Annual Reports, Technical, Operational, Training and Legal Documentation, Intranet and Outstation Communication, etc.

Case Studies

See how Avilinga has solved the language challenges of multiple carriers.

Babilu™ Technology

Our complete suite of CMS integration, Translation Memory and Translation Workflow solutions.

Comparison Matrix

Compare your translation alternatives.