Quality Control

For translations of the highest standard.

All translations go through a quality control process to ensure they meet the highest possible standard.

QC Process

  1. In-line QC. Spellcheck, glossary check and style check tools assist the linguist throughout translation.
  2. Proofread stage. The completed translation is passed from the original translator to a native-speaking proofreader to check for errors. The proofreader makes edits directly within the translated copy, with all changes tracked and annotated so they can be easily reversed if necessary.
  3. Translator review. The translator then reviews the proofreader’s changes in what is effectively a second proofreading.
  4. Technical review. When translations are being published directly into specific layouts or desktop publishing formats, a project manager will check that technical elements from the source documents have been maintained in the translation. This includes spacing, links, and images.
  5. Customer approval. Your organisation has the final approval. Your own reviewers can make any last changes directly through Avi5 or through your preferred CMS. These changes are recorded to inform linguists of your preferences in future.

Additional Features

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