Multilingual Style Manuals

Ensuring brand consistency across all languages.

We can develop or adapt your style manuals in multiple languages to ensure consistent quality across all channels.

What is a style manual?

A style manual is a set of guidelines for ensuring consistent on-brand communications across all channels. They usually cover preferences for grammar, punctuation, spelling, terminology and tone.

It’s very common for organisations to use a style manual when creating content in their source language but not for their target languages. This practice ignores not only the idiosyncrasies of each language, but also cultural differences in the target market.

A multilingual style manual ensures that these potential issues are always addressed in translation, meaning your translated copy remains as effective as its source copy.

Avilinga multilingual style manual development

Global organisations that want to optimise content performance in various markets need a bespoke style manual for all target languages. We can:

  • Develop your multilingual style manual from a starting point of no style guidelines, guidelines in the source language only, or guidelines in a few core languages.
  • Consult on the best style choices for your organisation in specific markets and adapt existing guidelines according to the idiosyncrasies of other languages and cultures.
  • Ensure style manual compliance for all markets using our proprietary BlueStylo workflow plugins.

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