Filetype Support

Translate directly into your preferred formats. No copy and paste.

Avi5 can be customised to support whatever filetypes you prefer to work with. That means no copy–pasting between Avi5 and the other applications you use.

Why is copy and paste a problem?

Copy and paste was invented in 1974 and still has its uses, but there are better ways of saving time—especially in translation management.

  • Copy–pasting from translated content makes it almost impossible to check for errors, such as dropped characters and text inserted in the wrong place.
  • Copy–pasting between applications regularly results in formatting errors that take time to fix.
  • Time spent copy–pasting adds up—and more so at scale.

Avi5 filetype support:

  • No more copy–pasting between applications. From Excel copybooks to multilayer InDesign documents, we’ll deliver completed translations in whatever format you uploaded.
  • Optimise translation management with bespoke filtersets for any filetype, built for the specific needs of your organisation and compatible across all Avi5 plugins.
  • We ensure all technical elements for specific filetypes are maintained, such as spacing, links and image placement.