Style Manual Compliance

Ensure consistent style across multilingual channels.

Avilinga BlueStylo ensures all your content effortlessly conforms to your brand voice, whatever the language.

What is BlueStylo?

BlueStylo is a multilingual style manual compliance tool. It gives you on-brand style and tone-of-voice guidance as you type, ensuring consistency across your organisation.

  • Easy style compliance for corporate communications.
  • Define style guidelines across all target languages.
  • Better quality copy without compromising workflow.
  • Review company-wide communications automatically.

How does BlueStylo work?

  • We implement your existing style guidelines into BlueStylo or help you define them from scratch.
  • Our plugins integrate your bespoke BlueStylo style manual across all your workflow applications.
  • Your employees receive instant style feedback as they write, just like spellcheck.
  • Service is hosted on your network or ours, depending on your needs.

BlueStylo plugins

BlueStylo features

  • Tailored to your brand voice. Customised through consultation, meaning your BlueStylo is as unique as your house style manual and perfectly suited to your needs.
  • Instant yet unobtrusive feedback. Receive style and tone-of-voice guidance in real-time. Simply click on the highlighted text when you're ready for feedback.
  • Easy to launch, easy to learn. Integrates seamlessly with all workflows, requiring no login or special training. If you can use a spellcheck, you can use BlueStylo.
  • Multilingual by design. Supports any language, so you don't have to compromise your brand voice when expanding into new markets.
  • Reader-specific filtersets. Consistency doesn’t mean inflexibility. Define separate guidelines for different audiences, from social media followers to potential investors.