Translation Services

High quality translations with quick turnarounds.

Avilinga can translate to and from any number of pre-agreed languages within 12–24 hours (depending on word count). We build our systems for scale, becoming more effective with more languages.

Here’s how we do it:

  • We assign teams of native linguists to your account for the long term. Your content is always translated by dedicated linguists familiar with your brand.
  • We ensure quality by assigning two linguists—a translator and a proofreader—to every job, who are aided by a comprehensive suite of computer-assisted QC tools.
  • We assign a dedicated Project Manager to your account. They supervise every job and lead a comprehensive quality control process.
  • We collect QC analytics to optimise workflows and learn which linguists are excelling where, so as to better utilise their specific skillsets.
  • We record all translated segments into your organisation’s own translation memory. This expedites future jobs by identifying copy that has already been translated.
  • You can track translation progress at any time through Avi5.
  • Avi5 automatically rebuilds completed translation files in your preferred filetype and sends them to your reviewer for approval.
  • You can access completed files through your own servers or Avi5. You can also publish them instantly through your CMS.

How we did it for Qatar Airways >

Our linguists

We believe high quality translations start with high quality translators. That means:

  • We retain linguists through fair treatment and remuneration to ensure long-term growth of experience, brand familiarity, and consistency. Most of our linguists work for the full duration of engagement with a client.
  • Our linguists always translate into their native language and, wherever possible, are domiciled in a country where the language is frequently spoken to ensure familiarity with current language trends.
  • Our proprietary CAT and MT tools—based on translation memory databases—help our linguists to work with efficiency and consistency, but the final decisions are always made by skilled and experienced professionals.