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We understand the challenges of optimising your translation workflow better than anybody. After all, we’ve been doing this for more than 15 years.

Whether you’re building a translation workflow from scratch or need to update an established one, we can help you increase productivity and reduce costs with solutions tailored to your needs.

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How it works

Over the course of a 30-minute call:

  • If you’re establishing a new translation workflow, tell us everything you need out of it, such as the quantity of output and what software you need it to integrate with.
  • If you’re optimising an existing translation workflow, tell us how it works and what specific problems and bottlenecks you’re experiencing.

We’ll follow up with a bespoke report covering:

  • What the process of optimising your specific translation workflow will entail.
  • What technologies are best suited to addressing your unique challenges.
  • How a translation management system can work in harmony with your other workflow applications.
  • What KPIs can be used to measure and improve the efficiency and quality of your translation output.
“Cillín and his team were instrumental in expanding Etihad’s E-commerce and marketing reach from English-only to 14 languages. They provided vital support through multiple growth phases, including 2 CMS migrations, onboarding new divisions, and the integration of additional airlines into the group.”
Amol Patankar
Technology and Innovation Manager
E-commerce, Digital & Loyalty, 2006–2016