About Us

We’re specialists in large-scale multi-language localisation solutions.

For more than 15 years, we’ve helped businesses reach the world through bespoke translation technologies and teams of specialised linguists.

What we do

We execute translation projects quickly, to a high standard, and on a massive scale.

To achieve this, we build streamlined and scalable translation management tools that integrate with your organisation’s CMS and other workflow applications. This enables our experienced linguists to translate your content to the highest standard and with maximum efficiency.

Our history

Avilinga grew out of a language training provider called Language Direct.

Language Direct had a partner with a problem. Etihad Airways was building a new website. Regional outstations were responsible for translating large amounts of content into their respective languages and sending it back to HQ.

But as content was being translated, the English website continued to evolve. It became increasingly difficult for managers to know where the new content—in languages they didn’t speak—was supposed to be integrated.

We were asked if we might be able to help—not only to organise the library of mystery content, but to keep future translation projects under control. We could never resist a challenge.

Over the next few months, we developed bespoke tools and workflows to solve the problem. Our success attracted the interest of other airlines across the Middle East and Avilinga was born.

The Avilinga platform is currently in its fifth iteration, having phased out external dependencies to better respond to specific customer needs and customisations. We now count organisations across Europe and Asia among our customers, including the world’s largest airline.

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