CMS Connectors

Manage multi-language content from your existing CMS.

Our customisable CMS connectors integrate high performance translation management into the workflows you're familiar with.

What is a CMS connector?

A CMS connector is simply a tool that connects another application to your content management system, expanding its possibilities.

Your CMS was built for managing content in one language. Translations are possible but scale poorly. On the other hand, our Avi5 translation management system (TMS) is built to efficiently manage translations in as many languages as you need.

Our proprietary CMS connectors mean you can enjoy the best of both worlds—the power of Avi5’s multi-language translation management tools from the comfort of your existing CMS.

With Avi5 CMS connectors:

  • Fully integrate your translation output within all your content workflows.
  • Publish content in more languages than ever with no extra effort.
  • No need to learn new software to assign, review and publish content in many languages.
  • Customise tools and filtersets to meet the unique translation needs of your organisation.
  • Save time without constantly copy–pasting content between applications.

Avi5 CMS connectors are available for: