Case Studies

Qatar Airways

How Avilinga helped scale Qatar Airways’ translation needs on its way to becoming the world’s largest airline

Qatar Airways is one of the fastest growing carriers in aviation history, averaging double digit growth annually. The airline connects 92 countries across every inhabited continent, including 66 countries in which English isn’t an official language. The necessity to translate external communications on a massive scale is paramount.

For a company of more than 50,000 employees serving 199 destinations, achieving such ambitious output goals to a consistently high quality was a formidable challenge. Put simply, an inability to scale their sub-optimal translation workflow had become the bottleneck in their global marketing output.

So they turned to Avilinga.

What Avilinga provided

Qatar Airways hired Avilinga as their translations provider on a full service contract in 2012. Since then, Avilinga has implemented the following solutions:

  • Connected Avilinga’s proprietary Avi5 Translation Management System with both Qatar Airways’ original CMS (Teamsite) and—later—new CMS (Adobe Experience Manager) through easy-to-use proprietary plug-ins. This enabled translators, proof-readers, and client stakeholders to collaborate in real time.
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